A Regency Invitation

This is the Blog of the Book! Read all about the process by which Regency authors Joanna Maitland, Elizabeth Rolls and Nicola Cornick wrote collaboratively to create the story of the Regency House Party of the Season! A Regency Invitation is published in November 2005 from Harlequin Historicals.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Welcome from Elizabeth

Finally! Thanks, Joanna for telling me how to do this properly.
Welcome everyone. We hope you enjoy our blog. When we started writing A Regency Invitation, I don't think any of us realised quite how much fun it would be or how many emails it would involve. By the time we'd finished writing and had the book on our editors' desks, we had learnt an amazing amount about where ideas come from and, even more importantly, how to work with them and develop them. Writing it all down so that others can understand what you are thinking, is surprisingly effective.
Often people think writing a romance is easy, sort of just join the dots and add names. If this blog shares some of the reality with readers and other writers, we will be delighted. Above all, enjoy yourselves here. A fair few emails were buzzing around in the lead up to Christmas so you'll soon know who has goose for Christmas dinner, who makes shortbread and whose husband doesn't make enough mince pies. You'll also know about guide dog puppies and why Anthony's butler is called Ufton.
As Joanna said, Nicola has set all this up and is doing the bulk of the work; so, thanks, Nicola. You're amazing.




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